Houseware Supplies For The New College Student

When your teenager is about to head off to college, you might have a number of concerns about what they'll experience in their first semester in a new place. To make things easier, you might assemble a number of houseware supplies for their dorm room so that they can feel comfortable in their new home away from home. These supplies are important to buy for your student, as they are unlikely to be able to get things easily if they're not used to their surroundings. Here are some housewares to consider getting as soon as you can.

Small Carpet

One of the best things you can get for your teenager is a small carpet for their dorm room. Dorm rooms typically have hard flooring, and carpet instantly makes any room feel more like a home. Your student and their roommate can discuss their tastes and agree on what color would be best suited to both of them.

Handheld Vacuum

If you do get a carpet for your teen's dorm room, it's also a good idea to purchase a small handheld vacuum. Putting multiple teenagers into a dorm room to live for months can mean a lot of crumbs and debris, and being able to vacuum when necessary will keep the carpet clean and comfortable.

Covered Trash Can

Teenagers can generate a lot of trash, and without parental supervision, that trash can pile up easily. While your student might be able to find a plastic bag to stash trash in, having a real garbage can is a good idea. A covered can is best, as odors can linger, especially after late-night pizza crusts have been sitting there for a while. You can also purchase a few boxes of trash bags to line the can.

Oscillating Fan

Some college dorms don't have air conditioning in their rooms, which is fine during the winter but can mean a lot of humidity and stuffiness in the first and last few weeks of class. An open window doesn't always help. To make your teenager and their roommate feel better, an oscillating fan is a smart houseware to pick up.

With the supplies listed here, your teenager should have the basics they'll need to make their dorm room seem more like a home. Talk to your student about what else they might want or need so that you can ensure they'll be in good shape for the semester ahead.

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